Developed by the College Board, the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) consists of a group of standardized tests that assess college-level knowledge in several subject areas.  Students who achieve a passing score on a CLEP examination may earn introductory-level college credit, allowing them to move on to more advanced, higher-level courses.

Please view the following video: “CLEP Is For Everyone.” This will demonstrate how CLEP can help you save time, money and fulfill General Education requirements. College Board 2014

CLEP’s 33 examinations are administered via Internet-based testing year round.  Each examination is timed and is 90 minutes in length (College Composition is 120 minutes); test format is primarily multiple-choice.  Score reports are given to students immediately following the test, with the exception of the College Composition score report, which will be mailed to students within three to four weeks after the test date. Students are NOT permitted to repeat an examination of the same title within three months of the initial testing date.

Students requiring test accommodations based on individual needs, should contact the Placement Testing Office at (908) 737-0340 at least two weeks prior to the test.  Documentation must be provided. Accommodations that can be arranged directly with Kean include:

- ZoomText (screen magnification)
- Modifiable screen colors
- Use of a reader, amanuensis, or a sign language interpreter
- Extended time
- Untimed rest breaks

If the above accommodations do not meet your needs, DO NOT REGISTER ONLINE for your exam. Contact CLEP Services at 1 - 800 - 257 - 9558 or email for information about other accommodations. College Board 2013

Before The Test

1. Matriculated students must obtain an Advisor’s approval before registering for the CLEP Test. Check Kean’s Course Equivalencies Chart (PDF).
2. It is recommended that non-Kean students seek approval from an academic advisor at their current school before registering for CLEP.
3. Register for the CLEP Test online at the College Board’s My Account.
4. Pay the required College Board CLEP fee online at My Account ($85.00 per test).
5. Click on the following link to view the CLEP testing schedule and to make an appointment at Kean’s Testing Center.

6. Reviewing for the CLEP Test is highly recommended. Please visit the College Board’s Study Resources page for more information.
7. The following video will instruct you on how to navigate through the CLEP Testing Platform. Please review this video before you take the exam, as it will help you become familiar with the actual test.
8. You may take up to two CLEP exams per day. Please bring the “CLEP Exam Registration Ticket” for each exam title. College Board 2014

MILITARY PERSONNEL: Please click: for information regarding funding and acceptable forms of ID.

    On The Day of The Test

    1. You MUST pay Test Administration Fee ($25) on the day of the exam. ONLY debit and credit cards are accepted. (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). If you are paying with cash or check, you will need to come to campus a day prior to your exam and pay the fee in the Student Accounting Office – Administration Bldg. 3rd floor. (See campus map).
    2. Report to Kean University’s Testing Center – CAS – 207, fifteen minutes prior to your testing appointment time.
    3. Leave all cell-phones and other valuables at home or in your locked vehicle.
    4. Students MUST present a copy of their My Account CLEP Exam Registration Ticket. 
    5. Students MUST present a valid form of government-issued ID. Click here to view acceptable forms of ID. You MUST also present a Second form of ID such as a student ID or work ID.

    After The Test

    1. Immediately following the CLEP Test, you will receive an “unofficial” copy of your test score report. This is for your personal records only. If you have taken the College Composition exam, this report will be mailed to you, once the essay has been scored.
    2. The “official” test score report will be mailed by ETS and sent to the credit-granting institution that you requested. Kindly revisit the CLEP website at My Account to confirm the name of the college/university who you designated to be the recipient of your test scores.
    3. Once Kean University receives your official test scores, you will be contacted via email with information on how many credits you are eligible to receive, and the specific amount you will be required to pay. (Kean University students MUST pay a $10 processing fee for every three-credits-granted). Your CLEP credits will not be processed until full payment is received.
    For non-Kean students, you must contact your college/university CLEP-credit evaluator regarding equivalencies and score requirements. Confirm that your test scores have been received and that your CLEP-credits are being processed.
    4. Once your CLEP-credits are processed, you will receive notification via email directing you to log into your Kean-Wise account and review your program evaluation, indicating which courses are being awarded.
    For non-Kean students, make sure you receive confirmation from your college/university that your CLEP-credits have been applied.
    5. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact the Center for Academic Success at (908) 737-0300 and ask for assistance from the One-Stop Service Center.