Placement Testing


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Test Date & Day Seats Cap/Avail Date Test Time Location  
Tuesday, August 21 30/27 8/21/18 8:45 AM CAS - 207
Tuesday, August 21 30/19 8/21/18 11:15 AM CAS - 207
Wednesday, August 22 25/23 8/22/18 8:45 AM CAS - 207
Wednesday, August 22 25/21 8/22/18 11:15 AM CAS - 207
Wednesday, August 29 25/25 8/29/18 8:45 AM CAS - 207
Wednesday, August 29 25/23 8/29/18 11:30 AM CAS - 207

Placement Testing will take place from FEBRUARY through AUGUST. Testing Dates will be added to the above list on a regular basis.

Sessions that are booked to capacity are not showing above. 

Reminder - On this website, click on Resources for Students, "ACCUPLACER Sample Questions" and "ACCUPLACER Sample Essays" to assist you in preparing for the placement test.

Do not bring cell phones, smartwatches, or other testing aids to the test center. Otherwise, you will be required to give them to a staff member, to be placed in a locker, until the test has been completed.







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